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Summer Journal

Volume 31, Issue 2

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Orlando, Fla. -- Atlantic.Net, a privately held leading cloud hosting solutions provider, is pleased
to announce a sharp price reduction for its cloud hosting services
for both new and existing customers that utilize its industrial-grade
cloud infrastructure.  Effective immediately, Atlantic.Net cloud
servers are now discounted up to 43% due to efficiencies gained by
leveraging new technologies and a business model based on providing
the best possible value, while maintaining the highest level of
Accommodating high-traffic websites is a specialty of Atlantic.Net.
Therefore, the company is reducing its outbound bandwidth pricing to
only 11 cents per Gigabyte.  In addition, Atlantic.Net has lowered
its in-bound cloud server bandwidth price to zero (FREE), effective
immediately.  Atlantic.Net's Cloud Servers now start as low as 1.3
cents per hour or $9.49 per month.
"This is one more way of saying that we appreciate our clients, as we
give them more for less while continuing to provide speed, quality,
reliability, and value." said Josh Simon, Director of Data Center
Services for Atlantic.Net. "The efficiencies and cost savings we have
gained from adopting the latest technologies have allowed us to
continue to provide the best value at affordable prices for our
As a hosting solutions provider that owns and operates its own
network, Atlantic.Net prides itself in being able to provide clients
with world-class infrastructure at a competitive price.  The
efficiencies gained from utilizing new technologies have enabled
Atlantic.Net to offer even more benefits to its cloud server
customers, which will be announced in the coming weeks.
For more information about the cloud hosting services offered by
Atlantic.Net, including a risk-free trial, please visit
http://cts.vresp.com/c/?Atlantic.NetInc/560da71139/49fb288163/6db84acbd9 or call 1-800-422-2936.