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SUNNYVALE, CALIF. – The Cloud Advisory Council, an
innovative not-for-profit organization dedicated to develop and
enable the next-generation cloud architecture, today announced the
organization’s formation and directive to provide cloud designers
and IT managers with the tools needed to enable computing in the
cloud, to strengthen the qualification and integration of cloud
solutions and to provide best practices.

The Cloud Advisory Council is an industry collaboration of original
equipment manufacturers (OEMs), strategic technology suppliers,
independent software vendors (ISVs), and end-users across the entire
range of the Cloud market segment. Founding members include: AMAX,
AMD, Atlantic.Net, Check Point Software, Colfax, DDN, Eucalyptus,
Mellanox Technologies, Nanjing Standard Communication, ProfitBricks,
SGI, Sugon, Supermicro, and Xeround.

Through this organization, new cloud architectures will be
researched, defined and specified as a basis for next-generation
cloud infrastructures. The council main objectives are:

Definition of the next generation of cloud architecture
Providing open specification for cloud infrastructures
Publications of best practices for optimizing cloud efficiency
and utilization
Enable ease-of-use with comprehensive cloud management and tools

“The Cloud Advisory Council has been established by industry
leaders to develop a cloud specification and best practices for
building the most efficient cloud infrastructures. This is critical
for vendors as well as for the cloud users,” said Eli Karpilovski,
chairman of the Cloud Advisory Council. “The Cloud Advisory Council
will assist and provide resources for industry and community
organizations to better leverage their infrastructure and improve
productivity and efficiency.”

“AMAX shares the vision of the Cloud Advisory Council and is
dedicated to developing the next generation of cloud architectures in
an effort to strengthen the qualification and integration of cloud
solutions and give cloud architects and IT managers the tools they
need to enable computing in the cloud,” said Jean Shih, President
of AMAX. “Our 30 years of award-winning x86 engineering and
manufacturing expertise, along with our open architecture approach,
affords us maximum flexibility to establish best practices &
reference architectures for designing, building and deploying
high-quality, cost-effective cloud infrastructures.”

“The Cloud Advisory Council represents the best technology vendors
and we are excited to be a part of the future. With our twenty years
of industry experience being a service provider, this forum will
enable us to work closer with leading technology hardware vendors to
define the next generation of cloud, “ said Marty Puranik,
President of Atlantic.Net, Inc. (
http://cts.vresp.com/c/?Atlantic.NetInc/9528ec45b9/49fb288163/fecb669b6d ) “Being a leading cloud hosting provider, we have already
developed one of the fastest cloud platforms on the market. Now,
working with this elite group of hardware vendors will provide
collaborative opportunities to further enhance and strengthen our
massively scalable and industrial grade cloud infrastructure.”

“For over 13 years DDN has been a leader in storage performance,
density and efficiency in the most content intensive storage
environments. That is why we are proud to be a founding member of the
Cloud Advisory Council and join in its mission that so closely aligns
with ours, extending into cloud storage,” said Jeff Denworth, VP of
Marketing for DDN. “Our Web Object Scaler product is the ideal
cloud storage platform designed for today and tomorrow’s web scale
demands and will make a great contribution to the specifications and
best practices for building efficient cloud infrastructure.”

“Mellanox, as a founding member of the Cloud Advisory Council, is
dedicated to develop and collaborate with industry leaders in
developing next generation cloud architectures. Together, we share
the vision of a simplified and a higher efficient cloud
infrastructure that will deliver the best return-on-investment for
cloud providers and users,” said David Barzilai, vice president of
marketing at Mellanox Technologies. “Mellanox’s end-to-end
10/40GbE and FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand cloud interconnect solutions have
been proven to provide the best interconnect technology to enable
cloud deployments of tomorrow.

“ProfitBricks is a second generation Cloud Computing IaaS provider.
Our vision, formed in 2009, of an IaaS 2.0 platform was launched in
2012 and now we look forward to sharing and learning from other
progressive technology providers in the Cloud Advisory Council,”
said Conrad Wood, Deputy CTO, Head of Infrastructure at ProfitBricks.
“Businesses of all sizes are replacing physical data centers with
virtual ones, and it’s key that all of us in the industry deliver
on the promise of performance, flexibility, reliability and data
security in the cloud.”

“SGI is proud to be a founding member of the Cloud Advisory
Council,” said Bill Mannel, VP of Product Marketing, SGI, “We
welcome the opportunity to apply our leadership and expertise in
public cloud solutions to private cloud challenges. SGI has been
powering public and government cloud deployments in traditional and
mobile datacenter environments, leading the market in design-to-order
capabilities, innovative cooling and management software.”

“Xeround is excited to be joining the Cloud Advisory Council and
take an active role in designing the future of database solutions and
data services for the cloud era,” said Razi Sharir, CEO of Xeround.
“Xeround’s unique native cloud database technology, distributed
architecture, and our extensive experience delivering a
zero-management database-as-a-service solution to thousands of cloud
users – all put us at a unique vantage point to lead the way we
transform data management in the cloud.”

The Cloud Advisory Council recognizes also the importance of
establishing metrics for Cloud sustainability and performance. For
this reason, the Cloud Advisory Council will propose the use of a new
metrics, Cloud Center Efficiency (CCE) and Power Consumption
Efficiency (PCE), to address inefficient utilizations associated with
cloud centers. The impact of efficient usage is emerging as extremely
important in the design, location, and operation of current and
future cloud centers.

Become a Member of the Cloud Advisory Council Today:
Help influence the direction of the Cloud by becoming a member of the
Cloud Advisory Council. Membership to the Council is free. More
information can be found on our website:

About the Cloud Advisory Council
The Cloud Advisory Council is a not-for-profit organization with the
mission to develop the next generation cloud architecture, to provide
cloud designers and it managers with the tools needed to enable
computing in the cloud, to strengthen the qualification and
integration of cloud solutions and to provide best practices. The
Cloud Advisory Council is led by a broad coalition of industry
practitioners and corporations. For more information, visit
www.cloudadvisorycouncil.com, or follow us on Twitter: