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Volume 31, Issue 2

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The Crisis Commander Incident Management System (IMS) centralizes and streamlines the Incident Management process by managing cyber and physical incidents, as well as breaches of corporate ethics.  This cloud-based system is used to capture events in the workplace that might escalate into governance, risk management, and/or compliance issues. IMS then enables designated users to evaluate the incident, and assign it to the appropriate personnel for further investigation, management, and closure for legal, HR and reporting purposes.

The IMS helps companies develop and maintain a consistent response in managing investigations from start to finish, and gives users the ability to report on trends, losses, recovery efforts, and any related incidents.  

IMS is ideal for companies that need a tool to manage day-to-day incidents such as security problems, accidents, HR issues (whistle blower, employment practices, sexual harassment), and IT issues.

“The Incident Management System will have a dramatically positive ROI for users since it will drive clients to be consistent and proactive in their management of incidents, enabling them to resolve incidents, perform root cause analysis, and take steps to prevent future problems. The IMS will be a valuable tool for Risk, Safety and Security, and HR Departments,” says Michael Hardie, CEO of Crisis Commander USA.

For more information and updates leading up to release of the Crisis Commander Incident Management System, visit Crisis Commander’s blog or contact Michael Hardie.