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Volume 31, Issue 2

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. -Disaster Recovery Journal has partnered with Business Continuity Institute to cover the International and United States Glossary of Terms. DRJ today released the updated business continuity glossary, which includes updated definitions and terms in the business continuity industry and related fields. 

When paired with today’s BCI release of the latest edition of the Good Practice Guidelines, their dictionary and glossary, the documents provide complete coverage of International and U.S. Glossary of Terms. 

BCI’s GPG has been thoroughly revised to ensure that the 2013 edition includes terminology from ISO 22301:2012, the International Standard for Business Continuity management systems. The GPG are the independent body of knowledge for good business continuity practice worldwide.

DRJ’s updated glossary was compiled by the magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board, who worked diligently to make sure complete terminology and definitions were included.

“Committed industry professionals meet on a monthly basis to discuss Business Continuity terms and definitions.  Our goal is to ensure practitioners have a clear understanding of terms and definitions so they can decide, integrate and communicate the terms to be used in their organizations”, said Colleen Huber, Chairperson of the Editorial Advisory Board Glossary Committee.  

“Our Editorial Advisory Board did an outstanding job of making sure all relevant terms and definitions were included in this glossary,” said Bob Arnold, DRJ President. “I want to thank them for their tireless effort in making this an invaluable tool for practitioners in our profession.”

By releasing the updated material on the same date, DRJ and BCI have united to bring awareness to the new terminology and provide helpful documents for our industry personnel.

“DRJ is pleased to partner with BCI, the industry’s leading educational offering provider, to provide these documents for our industry practitioners,” said Arnold. “With the fast-paced changes that are constantly occurring, it is important to have up-to-date information available for practitioners.”

DRJ’s updated glossary can be found at www.drj.com. The BCI documents are available at