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Los Angeles Calif. – *VYCON
(http://www.vyconenergy.com), a designer and manufacturer of
environmentally friendly, high-speed energy storage flywheel systems, is
pleased to announce the continuation of its partnership with cloud,
managed services and colocation provider, EasyStreet® Online Services,
Inc. The company has ordered several, additional environmentally
friendly VDC-XE flywheel systems to protect its state-of-the-art data
center, deploying a total of approximately 800kW of clean energy storage.

Recently, EasyStreet (http://www.easystreet.com) built a new SSAE
(Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements) 16 Type II audited
data center and recently finished an energy-saving retrofit to its first
data center. The company takes advantage of green technologies in
several areas of the data center including cooling and power. The
purchase of additional energy efficient flywheel systems not only meets
EasyStreet’s sustainability initiatives, but it meets the company’s need
for high nines (9’s) of availability.

Reliability is the major concern. Typically, battery-based
uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are used as the primary backup
power source in a data center. However, one bad cell in one battery of a
chain of "maintenance-free" valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries
is enough to bring down the entire battery string. Batteries also
require an excessive amount of testing, monitoring and maintenance. For
EasyStreet, it was clear that a battery-based UPS would not meet its
sustainability initiatives as VRLA batteries are inherently problematic
to the environment as they contain toxic chemicals and have to be
frequently replaced.

"VYCON’s flywheels continue to perform as expected," said Jon Crowhurst,
director of technical services at EasyStreet. "Sustainability is a
company priority; it’s important that this data center operates with a
zero carbon footprint. For us that means flywheels as our only source of
power backup."

This is the first data center project to qualify for funding through its
state’s Department of Energy’s Small Scale Energy Loan Program (SELP).
The company played a pioneering role in developing the state’s
Department of Energy’s expertise in the area of efficient data center
design. Through careful planning and implementation of energy smart
technologies and systems, the company estimates that it will be able to
save 1,532,634 kilowatts a year – enough energy to power 153 average

"VYCON’s customers don’t need to sacrifice reliability to meet their
green initiatives," said Frank DeLattre, president of VYCON. "The
additional order from EasyStreet is a testament to our patented
technology and its ability to meet large power needs while saving
valuable datacenter space, reducing carbon footprint and eliminating
maintenance costs associated with VRLA batteries or older flywheel
energy storage systems that utilize mechanical bearings. We look forward
to fulfilling more orders for EasyStreet as they continue to grow."

The lifetime investment in the VYCON energy storage system is much lower
than that of batteries. Over time, each VYCON flywheel system deployed
saves users over $200,000 when compared to using VRLA batteries, making
VYCON’s VDC-XE system a financially attractive solution.

For more information on VYCON’s flywheel solutions, visit
http://www.vyconenergy.com or call 714-386-3800. To see VYCON’s
flywheels in action visit VYCON’s YouTube Channel at: