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Columbus, Ohio – Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR) and a global leader in optimizing availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, today announced the launch of Mosaic Site Services. This innovative solution addresses the growing customer demand for a single source of expertise for managing all infrastructure service needs within a data center.


Mosaic Site Services, currently available to customers in the United States, gives enterprise data center managers the ability to eliminate the complexity and risk of supervising multiple service vendors. The offering provides a comprehensive set of preventive, emergency and assessment services coordinated by an Emerson Network Power Mosaic Service Manager. It also streamlines the service process, reduces costs and increases overall systems availability.


“Emerson Network Power has long been providing the individual offerings that are part of the Mosaic Site Services package, but has now put it all together to simplify data center operation and administration for our customers,” said Frank Bibens, president, Emerson Network Power Systems Global Services. “We have a ‘customer first’ mentality, and Mosaic Site Services is just one way that we are giving customers what they’ve asked for — an integrated solution on one contract with a dedicated, on-site expert to oversee all data center infrastructure service needs.”


The key feature of this new solution is that the Mosaic Service Manager serves as the single point-of-contact, accountable for infrastructure availability and coordination of all related service activities including scheduling execution, documentation, risk management, and ongoing follow-up. Having a Mosaic Service Manager on site and backed by Emerson Network Power, customers gain access to the industry’s best practices regarding availability, efficiency, safety and compliance — practices identified during its commissioning of more than 80 data centers and support of thousands more. Customers also get extensive service support through hundreds of highly trained technicians and field engineers certified by the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA).


This integrated approach to managing data center infrastructure services provides advantages through several key capabilities:

  • Applying system-wide knowledge identifies possible availability issues during all phases of the data center life cycle — a more extensive approach than viewing service from the component level.
  • Coordination of preventive maintenance and emergency services by an infrastructure expert reduces the risk of errors that can occur when separate service providers are unaware of other service underway.
  • Utilizing the Mosaic Service Manager’s expertise in monitoring and around-the-clock alarm management helps customers avoid nuisance alarms and provides fast response to genuine equipment problems.


With Mosaic Site Services, customers are assigned a Mosaic Service Manager who personally manages the preventive, corrective, diagnostic and engineering change services for their contracted equipment. This data center infrastructure specialist is specifically trained to enhance the value of critical support services in order to deliver high availability; optimize space, power and cooling capacity; and maximize efficiency.


For more information on other Emerson Network Power technologies and services, visit www.EmersonNetworkPower.com.