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Volume 31, Issue 2

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WASHINGTON - At the direction of President Obama, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) continues to coordinate the federal government's assistance to support states in response and recovery of Hurricane Sandy. Today, the President convened a video-teleconference in the White House Situation Room to receive the latest update on Hurricane Sandy and the federal efforts underway to support response activities in several states. On the video-teleconference, the President was joined by Vice President Biden, Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano, FEMA Administrator Fugate, Secretary of Energy Chu, Transportation Secretary Lahood, Defense Secretary Panetta, and Assistant to the President for Homeland Security Brennan. Treasury Secretary Geithner joined the briefing by phone. The President continues to direct Administrator Fugate to ensure that federal partners continue to bring all available resources to bear to support state, local, territorial and tribal communities in affected areas.

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