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ResilienceONE® BCM software co-creator to discuss the creation strategy of the BCP Genome he co-authored

Plymouth Meeting, PA - January 29, 2013 | Frank Perlmutter (CBCP) (MBCI), president and co-founder
of Strategic BCP®, will present a one-hour Webinar—“Business Continuity Standards Untangled: Deciphering
Confusing and Overlapping Requirements, Using the BCP Genome
”—as part of the popular Disaster
Recovery Journal (DRJ) Webinar Series.

The session, scheduled for February 13 at 2:00 pm (EST), will examine a broad range of existing standards—including ISO, FFIEC, NIST, NFPA, Basel II, COSO, COBIT and others—with emphasis on the relative focus and strengths of the various standards. It will also address voluntary vs. mandatory standards, the benefits of adhering to multiple standards instead of a single standard, and related considerations in preparing for a continuity plan audit.

The keystone of the Webinar is the BCP Genome, an effort undertaken by Strategic BCP to map 16 major business continuity standards against 101 specific criteria across eight major areas of business continuity. “One immediately recognizable impact of the BCP Genome is that it shows how much each standard differs from the others, and how no single standard addresses all aspects of continuity practices,” notes Perlmutter. “This underscores the importance of working toward multiple standards—ideally all of them—instead of just a single standard.” According to Perlmutter, the single most comprehensive standard addresses only about 70% of the common factors in the BCP Genome, which forms the backbone for Strategic BCP's ResilienceONE BCM software.

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Compare ResilienceONE BCM Software capabilities, and its 100% compliance with the BCP Genome,
to the performance of static document-based and non-database software systems.

About ResilienceONE®

ResilienceONE® business continuity management (BCM) software from Strategic BCP® satisfies all aspects of BCM and compliance requirements—without costly add-on modules or hidden costs. It integrates risk assessment and management, BC plan development and maintenance, incident management, and compliance issues within one easy-to-implement solution. Plans are built within days instead of weeks, using a standard configuration and training. Jargon-free methodology promotes quicker, easier implementation among all users. Proprietary algorithms automatically prioritize critical business functions along with their associated personnel, IT resources, suppliers & facilities, to identify key objectives for risk management. Finally, custom reporting capabilities powered by a fully integrated relational database enable powerful “what-if” strategic analysis throughout the organization. Strategic BCP complies with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework.