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Volume 31, Issue 2

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TAMPA, Fla. -- A month from now the city of
Tampa is expecting to host one the largest events the city
has ever taken on, the 2012 Republican National Convention.
With the main events occurring in the downtown area, local
downtown businesses are being suggested to stay out of
downtown and to work at home if possible. Addressing the
need for businesses to work remotely during the RNC,
Tampa-based Infinity Computer Solutions is offering a
temporary VoIP phone service and remote computer connection
to enable employees to work from locations away from the
congestion of the convention.

The solution allows employees to do everything remotely that
they can do from work, such as accessing computer files,
communicating via company phone numbers and working through
a company desktop system. Normally, ICS, a fast-growing
provider of TeleVoIPs hosted VoIP phone solutions and
business IT services, does long-term agreements with
clients, but felt this would be an opportunity to help
companies while having more people learn about the power of
its services.

"We have found that employees appreciate the flexibility of
working from home in general, but our company wanted to make
sure the community knew there were options during a time
when some people are nervous to go into the surrounding
downtown area. Our current clients of our TeleVoIPs service
are already prepared for the RNC," said Grant Baxley of ICS.

The RNC expects up to 50,000 people to be in town and in the
downtown area. Traffic congestion with the amount of people
in Tampa will be a challenge, and business owners have no
choice but to prepare for the logistical challenges they are
about to face.

Caveda Law Firm, which is located in the downtown area, has
chosen to utilize both the TeleVoIPs service and remote
connectivity offering for its six employees. "Transitioning
from our old system was a smooth process and our employees
have relaxed, knowing they will not have to be near the
convention next month," said David Caveda, owner of the

Infinity Computer Solutions has been saving companies time
and money since 2004. ICS gives peace of mind to companies
by providing offsite disaster recovery solutions and managed
services. Through an "over-deliver" mentality, ICS provides
businesses with innovative products for phone and computer
systems. ICS and TeleVoIPs services provide options for
ideal business continuity planning that protect businesses
during large events such as the RNC, but also secure
businesses in the case of hurricanes or natural disasters.

About Infinity Computer Solutions

Infinity Computer Solutions (ICS) has been in the Tampa area
since 2004 and was named one of the Top 25 Managed Service
providers in Tampa Bay by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. To
learn more about the RNC opportunity, visit
www.televoips.com or call (813)-425-1192.