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Volume 31, Issue 2

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DALLAS, Texas —Integrated Design Group (ID), an architectural, engineering and planning firm focused on data center design, today announced the completion of a flexible, scalable data center for a large, financial institution in the San Antonio area.

The “Tier III Plus” data center was developed with a modular data center design that allows for raised floor data center space to be built using standard power and cooling building blocks for cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and design flexibility. Integrated Design Group describes a “Tier III Plus” data center as one that incorporates some design elements that are above and beyond Tier III requirements and into the Tier IV arena. According to the Uptime Institute, a Tier IV data center follows the most stringent design guidelines with fully redundant subsystems and compartmentalized security zones that are controlled by biometric access control methods.

“This project is an example of one of the many modular solutions our team of architects and engineers employs in data center design,” said Jack McCarthy, PE, DCEP, principal-in-charge of the project, referring to the pre-packaged pumping systems used in this data center project. “We see three major directions for modular data centers: modular systems within a traditional facility, containerized data centers and fully off-site constructed data center buildings.”

 ID is currently designing projects that incorporate modular systems, containerized and off-site constructed data centers for financial services clients across the United States. Although the projects are currently confidential, Integrated Design Group is driving the industry’s dialogue about modular evolution. ID hosted its 3rd annual 21st Century Data Center Symposium in Dallas on April 26, which featured many presentations on modular data center design. The firm’s Boston office hosted a roundtable discussion on modular data center design on May 22, 2012.

About Integrated Design Group, Inc.

Integrated Design Group, Inc. is an architectural and engineering firm renowned for expertise in data center design. Promoting a truly collaborative environment, the firm brings together award-winning design architects and recognized engineers who create data centers and other building types that are custom, innovative, and sustainable. Integrated Design Group serves a roster of clients, both nationwide and internationally, who demand unique solutions to their problems and value good design. For more information, visit the company’s web site at www.idgroupae.com; to get inside their heads, access their blog at www.idgroupaeblog.wordpress.com; better yet, contact the firm at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..