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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Tel-Aviv, Israel – Axxana today announced that Casas GEO, the leading housing developer in Mexico, has purchased The Axxana Phoenix System® RP to protect its mission critical applications. Axxana’s system guarantees zero data loss at unlimited distances while enabling Casas GEO to use minimum-cost communication between their data centers.

The Phoenix System RP is an unparalleled, cost-effective solution developed in conjunction with EMC® RecoverPoint, delivering synchronous replication benefits over asynchronous infrastructure for an unprecedented price. The Axxana system is designed to protect data through high application peaks or low-bandwidth availability, and provides unmatched WAN link failure data protection. These capabilities will allow Casas GEO to overcome bandwidth size limitations and to avoid costly communication line upgrades now and in the future.

Casas GEO implements the Axxana Phoenix System to protect their mission-critical data that will be replicated over several hundred kilometers across Mexico. A synchronous copy of the production data will be stored inside the disaster-proof Axxana “Black Box” at the production site itself. Following any disaster, as severe as it may be, the protected data is then rapidly extracted and transmitted to the remote site, where the recovered information will be reintegrated by EMC RecoverPoint with the asynchronous remote copy, creating an exact mirror image of the data at the time of the disaster.

“I prefer to invest in innovative technology like Axxana’s Phoenix System – with clear benefits now and into the future – than in communications bandwidth,” said Luis Arias, CIO of Casas GEO. “Axxana’s value proposition made it an easy, affordable choice for Casas GEO.”

“Our customers represent a full range of vertical markets, and we are pleased to have Mexico’s largest housing developer using the Axxana system to protect its critical data,” said Eli Efrat, Axxana’s CEO. “Prior to the advent of the Enterprise Black Box, CIOs could hide behind cost or distance as a reason to explain data loss. This has now dramatically changed. At a fraction of the cost of traditional synchronous solutions, CEOs and CIOs can no longer afford not to implement a zero data loss solution.”


About Axxana

Axxana addresses the number one challenge in data protection: recovering data over any distance with Zero Data Loss. Axxana developed a compelling solution, The Phoenix System, which created a new domain in Disaster Recovery, namely Enterprise Data Recording (EDR).The Axxana Phoenix System enables 100% disaster recovery with no data loss over any distance. The system is designed for any type of communication lines, providing significant bandwidth savings over traditional solutions. Axxana received the "Products of the Year" Silver Award from Storage Magazine-SearchStorage.com. Axxana is a Delaware Corporation and maintains offices in Israel, the US and the UK.