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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Denver, CO -- Mod Mission Critical
<http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?5anyi-7m947-gctejs9&_v=2>, a network
service provider that combines facilities and non-facilities-based
assets to deliver comprehensive mission critical network solutions,
unveils its Los Angeles, CA-based Inter-Building Cross (IBC) Connect

Industry veterans and longtime business partners Michael Hollander and
Scott Charter founded Mod Mission Critical.  Mr. Hollander and Mr.
Charter previously founded WBS Connect, a company they sold to Global
Telecom & Technology (GTT) in 2010.  Leveraging dozens of years of
industry experience, knowledge and established contacts, Mr. Hollander
and Mr. Charter built a strategic and unique service offering for
customers of Mod Mission Critical, complete with a full suite of network
services including wholesale IP, international private lines, submarine
cable capacity, layer 2 network access, and layer 3 network solutions.
Combined, the executive team has led a number of organizations that have
implemented global network solutions for carriers, Internet Service
Providers, enterprise businesses, data centers and International PTTs.
The company leverages its facilities-based network assets with off-net
partners to provide network-neutral solutions that meet unique needs in
each market.

The company's Inter-Building Cross (IBC) Connect platform is a unique
service that provides inter-data center connectivity among different
owner-operated meet-me-rooms.  For instance, companies that would like
to connect multiple facilities operated by different service providers
can leverage this flat fee-based service for connections ranging from
100Mbps to 10G wavelengths.  Los Angeles is the first market in which
Mod Mission has announced its new IBC service.  The solution is
available for connectivity from 624 S. Grand Street to multiple
meet-me-rooms located in 600 W. 7th Street and 900 Alameda, with
near-net capabilities extending to 530 W. 6th Street, 1200 W. 7th Street
and 818 W. 7th Street.  In addition to these metro IBC locations, Mod
Mission also provides direct private line connectivity between 624 S.
Grand in Los Angeles, 11 Great Oaks in San Jose, CA and 60 Hudson Street
in New York.

Mod Mission offers IBCs as a flat fee for 10Gbps wavelength
connections.  Service can be installed within seven business days and no
additional port fees apply.  For more information about Mod Mission and
their IBC solution, visit www.modmissioncritical.com
<http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?5anyi-7m948-gctejs0&_v=2>or email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;.

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