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Volume 31, Issue 1

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WALNUT, Calif. -- MySammy, a software company
that specializes in productivity measurement solutions for
businesses, announced today a special promotion for
companies that employ telecommuters. For a limited time
only, these businesses will be offered a 90-day free trial
for company packages -- 60 days longer than the original
30-day trial offer.

MySammy's results-oriented productivity measurement software
provides employers and managers with detailed information on
how an employee's time is spent on a computer. MySammy
software collects computer usage information in order to
better evaluate employees' computer behavior and ultimately
increase their performance. This can be particularly useful
for businesses that employ telecommuters who work from home
or other remote locations.

According to an article published in July 2012 by the SHRM
(Society for Human Resource Management), the number of
people now telecommuting is almost double what it was
nationwide 10 years ago. With MySammy, managers of
telecommuting employees have 24/7 global, cloud-based access
to intuitive graphs and color-coded bar and pie charts that
provide data about productive, idle and non-productive
employee activity in a single glance. Managers can easily
view and simultaneously evaluate all users, a few users or
just one user.

MySammy enables managers to monitor employee computer usage
globally while at the same time minimizing sensitive data
collection in order to retain the user's privacy -- the
software does not collect screenshots; it collects only the
data needed for effective management evaluation of
"productive time."

"We believe MySammy provides managers with the ultimate
employee productivity measurement software," says Edward
Kwang, President of MySammy. "With the recent increase in
the number of people working from home, and the expected
continued increase in the future, MySammy will prove to be
an invaluable management tool that will not only measure
employee productivity, but provide much-needed information
to create a baseline performance standard for all employees,
which will aid managers in creating fair performance
evaluations for all employees regardless of their work

To take advantage of the new telecommuter promotion, visit
http://mysammy.com/telcom. Sign up for either the small or
larger business account, then enter "TELCOM" into the Promo
Code field. The telecommuter promotion runs until Oct. 15,

About MySammy, LLC

MySammy is a software company that provides enterprises, HR
departments and managers of telecommuters with a
feature-rich, results-oriented "productivity measurement"
software solution that enables employers and managers to
graphically view detailed information on how an employee's
time is spent on a computer. The solution provides
quantifiable time accountability measurement and collects
only the data needed for effective management evaluation of
"productive time" and avoids depriving users of their
privacy. For more information about the company, check out
www.mysammy.com and follow us on Twitter.com/MySammySoftware
and Facebook.com/MySammySoftware.