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Volume 31, Issue 2

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SAN MATEO, Calif. -- Oceanos, a leading data intelligence company and XDBS announce their partnership enabling Oceanos to use XDBS's database enrichment and contact cleansing services which are important elements of their overall business list intelligence gathering methodology.

"We are excited about this relationship with XDBS and consider their services valuable to us. Oceanos contact discovery includes a portfolio of data providers along with custom data discovery techniques. We seek to combine pieces of data from a multitude of sources to produce a custom data asset that is stronger than the sum of its parts. Data enrichment is an important part of this process," said Brian Hession, Founder & President at Oceanos. He adds, "The process starts with a clear understanding of your audience definition, intended data application and overall demand creation objectives. We then architect a data strategy to ensure maximum reach and data utility. The strategy encompasses a myriad of discovery sources, including perpetual data providers, publishers, web and social media mining, sales intelligence tools and other unique relationships that Oceanos has cultivated over the past ten years. XDBS is helping us gather a good mile of this intelligence by using their unique multi-channel approach."

Spearheading this relationship, Raghu Prabhu, CTO at Oceanos, adds, "We use XDBS's Asia-based delivery facilities to verify and append database. This is an added process to our proprietary List Optimizer™ technology. This clubbed with our unique research methodologies enable us to provide customized data to support all types of demand-creation activities to maximize your return on investment."

Adding to this, Kartik Anand, Founder & CEO at XDBS, says, "Oceanos is a leader in list intelligence and bespoke data solutions and we are very happy to be associated with them. Through this partnership, we will be working on projects for some of the largest technology & marketing brands, worldwide. We have had a very fruitful 2012 with Oceanos and we foresee this relationship only growing. XDBS uses years of time-tested processes to deliver accurate multi-channel demand generation services to its clients."

About Oceanos, Inc.

Oceanos designs data strategies and delivers List Intelligence™ to optimize sales and marketing performance. Our proprietary List Optimizer™ technology and unique research methodologies enable us to provide customized data to support all types of demand-creation activities to maximize your return on investment. More Information: http://www.oceanosinc.com.

About XDBS Corporation

XDBS Corporation is a leading Technology focused multi-channel demand generation & marketing company. XDBS provides services and solutions in the area of database, customer intelligence, content dissemination & syndication, event registration & traffic assurance, opportunity creation and other performance-based marketing services. It provides services to over 50 leading technology and marketing companies around the world with guaranteed results. More information: http://www.xdbscorp.com.