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Volume 31, Issue 2

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San Clemente, CA                                                                                                                                            June 1, 2012


Public Telephone has announced a name change that more accurately reflect the direction of the company.  Public Telephone, a Division of De Long Industries Group, Inc., has been in the communications industry since 1998 and in fact this month celebrates its 14th anniversary. It was primarily a pay telephone service provider at its inception, thus the name, but during the past 8 years, the company has brought additional telecom services to its clients; providing superior service, and lower prices than the big carriers.

The company has continued to grow, year after year sales have increased even during the recession, and even with its original product line in decline, and we have continued to grow by adding new services.  Most of those services are based on terrific new technology that allows the customer to replace “old school” solutions with new technology and allowing them to do more with less.

The new name the company adopts today is Wavetech Industries, this name allows the company to move from the image of the old outdated image, and will allow our current customers and potential customers to think of them beyond, just a payphone company.

Currently the company has seen tremendous growth in the areas of:

Web Conferencing

Conferencing Calling

Over the Phone Language Interpretation

Video Remote Interpreting (immediate access to American Sign Language interpreters over video)

Voice Recovery Service (Disaster Recovery solution for inbound calls)

PRI in the Sky (turn your existing PBX into a satellite based phone system, again a great DR program)

The company has no plans to abandon the programs that got them their start and continue to be necessary, Payphone, Operator Services and Directory Assistance; as long as the customer needs them Wavetech will provide them.

The newest venture is the expansion of the satellite based programs, and includes Data Recovery, mobile applications for remote communications, and even satellite links for live TV broadcasts.  In partnership with LBI Sat, Wavetech Industries can provide a full line of satellite communications, including rental of equipment on an as needed basis.

“We are excited about the growth potential we have developed with our existing customer base and existing markets (healthcare and higher education), but these new products have created opportunities for us to expand our reach into markets that we preciously have not had access to.  The future of the company is exciting”

-          Scott De Long, CEO.