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Volume 31, Issue 2

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Rentsys Recovery Services
<http://www.rentsys.com/>, a provider of comprehensive disaster recovery
solutions for banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders and other
organizations, announced the launch of its new Customer On-Boarding Process.

             The on-boarding process was designed to prepare financial
institutions for a more efficient recovery following a disaster and to
prepare for an audit. Following are some of the key steps in Rentsys’
on-boarding process:

·Discovery and Training – Rentsys meets with the new customer to view
their facility, learn about their needs and requirements and educate
them about the recovery process. At this point, they are assigned a
recovery support team which will be available for everything from simple
questions to on-site recovery assistance.

·Survey Checklist – A Rentsys recovery coordinator completes a survey
noting the customers’ important site information needed during a
declared disaster, such as a description of the site, available parking
and dimensions for ground deployment of Mobile Recovery Trailers.

·Testing – Rentsys works with customers to regularly perform remote,
on-site disaster recovery testing at the preferred customer location.
Key pieces of equipment, such as servers or laptops, are also tested and
maintained to ensure everything runs smoothly.

·Appraisal – Rentsys conducts a formal meeting with the customerto
discuss the test results and go over any changes that need to be made.

“Our new Customer On-Boarding Process creates a dynamic system for
implementing a customized disaster recovery program,” said Walt
Thomasson, managing director of Rentsys Recovery Services. “The enhanced
levels of coordination, which are the primary focus of the process,
enable customers to successfully complete audits and recover faster in
the event of a disaster.”

*About Rentsys Recovery Services*

Founded in 1995, College Station, Texas-based Rentsys Recovery Services
is a provider of comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity
solutions for banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders and other
organizations. The company offers fully customizable and testable
solutions which include communications, facility solutions, FLEXDATA^® ,
mobile QuickBranch recovery, Quickship technology and recovery centers.
These solutions can be combined to provide businesses the ability to
fully maintain their regular business functions during a disaster. For
more information, please visit www.rentsysrecovery.com