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April 15, 2013 (Seattle, WA) – The Center for Continuity Leadership, a company known for end-user continuity training, announced today it has rebranded and adopted a new name: Ripcord (www.ripcordsolutions.com)

As a management consulting, advisory and training firm, the new brand is an invigorated and accurate reflection of what they do best – conditioning organizations for the future while minimizing operational and reputational impacts.

The decision to rebrand was made in part as a response to the increased industry demand for their consulting and advisory services. The new brand also alleviates Ripcord team members from explaining they are not, in fact, part of a think tank or nonprofit agency but a company with a unique perspective within the continuity industry.

The company has a long and recognized history of developing web-based training exclusively for the continuity industry on various topics such as Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Response and (of course) Business Continuity. Their roster of clients includes prominent organizations from a wide variety of industries.

“Over the past few years, marketplace requests for our consulting and advisory services has confirmed our idea that knowledgeable, trained and ready people are just as important as viable documentation” said Phil Lambert, President and Founder of Ripcord. “Yet, we all knew that the Center for Continuity Leadership name didn’t do much to encourage these services. This rebrand is the culmination of months of effort to align our identity with our purpose.”

Ripcord provides consulting and advisory services along with web-based informational, instructional and experiential trainings delivered from within a client’s Learning Management System.

Most recently, Ripcord has been implementing and refining their turnkey, all-encompassing Rapid Continuity Program methodology within organizations of differing size and industry with successful results.
About Ripcord

Ripcord (www.ripcordolutions.com) is a management consulting, advisory and training firm that specializes in business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management, and emergency response programs. Originally founded as The Center for Continuity Leadership, our mission is to condition organizations for the future while minimizing the operational and reputational impacts when a significant business shift or disruption occurs.
Learn more a www.ripcordsolutions.com.

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