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Volume 31, Issue 2

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HENDERSON, Nev. -- 5000fish Inc., a leading provider of Business Intelligence (BI) software, today announced Yurbi
for ServiceNow as a Premium App to its Yurbi platform. Yurbi is an
out-of-the-box secure enterprise BI platform that allows organizations
to access, integrate, and deliver data from multiple systems securely to
the users who need it; real-time and without requiring scripting,
programming, data warehousing, or database expertise. The result is
providing decision-makers with the data they need, when they need it.

With Yurbi for ServiceNow, any organization can seamlessly connect their
ServiceNow data with data from other critical business applications with
no scripting, SQL query building, data warehousing, or programming
required. Included with the Premium App are 45 premium content reports
and dashboards designed specifically for ServiceNow. Yurbi for
ServiceNow also allows users to easily spot trends and perform data
discoveries among their service management data to improve their ITIL
and ITSM processes.

"We developed Yurbi for ServiceNow to allow customers of ServiceNow to
achieve a major business benefit," says David Ferguson, President and
CEO of 5000fish. "We regularly received feedback that customers needed
to do integrated data discovery and reports between their ServiceNow
data and the other business applications in their environment. Our Yurbi
for ServiceNow Premium App allows organizations to link their on-premise
and cloud-based data so users can easily spot trends, perform data
discoveries and create reports based on all their business applications
regardless of where their data reside, in the cloud or on-premise."

Yurbi for ServiceNow allows organizations to connect their ServiceNow
data with critical service management tools including: ERP, CRM, phone
systems, network management discovery, inventory, accounting and finance
systems, and other business applications. In addition to the Yurbi for
ServiceNow Premium App, Yurbi also offers Premium Apps for BMC^® ITSM,
CA^® Service Desk Manager, HP^® Service Manager, and FrontRange^® Heat

"As a former professional services consultant, I can attest to an
organization's need for Yurbi's Premium Apps," says Dennis Wark, Yurbi
Development Team Lead at 5000fish. "I've consulted with organizations
with these enterprise service desk solutions and would spend days and
weeks on-site providing them with technical expertise to connect their
data and create custom reports. It just made economical sense for us to
develop these Yurbi Premium Apps for organizations to get the data they
need from any database, when they need it, while saving them precious
time and money."

For organizations that are ready to try Yurbi for ServiceNow and other
Premium Apps and start optimizing all their business data applications,
whether they are in the cloud or on-premise, visit http://www.yurbi.com
<http://www.yurbi.com/> or email