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Volume 31, Issue 2

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*SAN MATEO, Calif. –- *SIOS Technology,**a leading
provider of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, today
announced the launch of SteelEye DataKeeper Cloud Edition, the first and
only high-performance data replication solution to deliver unmatched,
real-time SQL Server data protection in Amazon EC2 environments. A joint
effort with Amazon, SteelEye Datakeeper Cloud Edition is the only
solution to enable native SQL Server failover clustering in the Amazon
Cloud without requiring shared storage (SANs).

SteelEye DataKeeper Cloud Edition enables easy deployment of
high-availability systems in the cloud. As a result, companies can now
take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of Amazon Web Service
(AWS) cloud deployments, enabling Amazon customers to achieve optimal
performance while lowering total cost of ownership.

“SIOS understands the inhibitors that prevent users from taking
advantage of disruptive technologies like the cloud,” said Celia Catani,
SIOS vice president of America sales. “Through our partnership with
Amazon and the introduction of SteelEye DataKeeper Cloud Edition, not
only are we the only company to make opportunities like failover
clustering in the Amazon Cloud possible, but we make it easy for
customers to reap the benefits of a cluster, without an expensive SAN.”

Because SteelEye DataKeeper Cloud Edition eliminates a cluster's
requirement for shared storage, it reduces cost, complexity and the
potential single point of failure in clustering architectures.In the
Amazon Cloud, failover of SQL instances is enabled within and across EC2
availability zones, and real-time copies of data are kept in sync across
multiple nodes.As a result, users benefit from maximum uptime and
complete data protection with zero data loss, at a fraction of the cost
of a SAN-based solution.

SIOS’ SteelEye DataKeeper utilizes block-level replication for highly
efficient and optimized performance. This enables DataKeeper Cloud
Edition to achieve over 90 percent bandwidth utilization and offers nine
levels of integrated compression and bandwidth throttling.The new
solution can be easily integrated into Microsoft ecosystems without
proprietary file systems or technologies and is fully integrated with
Microsoft Cluster Services (MSCS) and Windows Server Failover Clustering

SteelEye DataKeeper Cloud Edition provides full support for Standard or
Enterprise Editions of SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008R2 and 2012.

Additional information on SteelEye DataKeeper Cloud Editionis available
at _us.sios.com/amazon_ <%22http://us.sios.com/am>_._