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SMB’s: Do your computer systems have a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)?

Chicago IL, October, 2012:

Persson Associates, in the business of helping companies develop Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP’s) for over 30 years, has just released a new product which is low cost, easy to use; all geared towards Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s) computer services (aka Information Technology: I/T).

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does your company need a written Disaster Recovery Plan for computer services?
  2. Do you have limited resources to develop a DRP for I/T?
  3. Can you afford to spend $35 to get started?

If you answered “yes” to the above 3 questions, read on. We have a solution.

Here is exactly what is included in the new product: SMB-IT-DRP-GUIDE:

  • A complete written plan format ready to add your information and requirements.
  • Straightforward, detailed instructions make for quick development.
  • Web Search suggestions, “Cloud” recovery options, and Social Media all included.
  • A complete test exercise format to use when the plan is done.

Here are a few of the direct comments from our customers as they were sent to us:

  • “We received rave reviews from our auditors”.
  • “This approach to DRP development eliminates the need to start from scratch”.
  • “Persson Associates takes a complex process, boils it down to a workable, painless, step-by-step process that everyone can understand”.

To get started immediately, visit our web site, (www.perssonassociates.com), and purchase a copy of SMB-IT-DRP-GUIDE, pay on line and download the product. Introductory price: $35. That is correct, thirty five dollars. Now every SMB can develop a disaster recovery plan for their information technology systems and applications.