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Volume 31, Issue 1

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Connectivity solutions vendor, ELLKAY, and electronic healthcare systems provider, SOAPware, have partnered in order to offer more options and greater functionality in PM system integrations for EHR customers. A nationwide leader in data solutions, ELLKAY offers integration and conversion services for laboratories, practice management systems, and electronic health records. The two companies will work together implementing the ELLKAY connectivity bridge for SOAPware clients, which will allow the SOAPware EHR to function optimally with almost any existing practice management system.

The recent relationship was spurred by an increased demand for greater flexibility and intercommunication between the SOAPware EHR and external PM solutions. For SOAPware officials, the new partnership represents a landmark achievement amidst almost two decades of promoting efficiency in medical practices worldwide. SOAPware Founder and President Randall Oates, M.D. affirms, "Maximum integration between EHR and practice management solutions will be central to survival in a system shifting towards outcome-based repayment. The ELLKAY solution will aid to facilitate productivity amid the challenges of future US healthcare."

ELLKAY administrators are also confident that their product will meet the needs of SOAPware customers using outside PM systems. "Connecting with over 450 systems across over 800 versions, ELLKAY is the best choice for SOAPware clients to rely on for long term connectivity solutions," stated ELLKAY Vice President of Business Development, Michael Fishweicher. Because ELLKAY conducts a comprehensive site survey for each potential client, their solutions are highly customized based on specific needs and system attributes.

ELLKAY has been dedicated to synchronizing health-related systems for over a decade, and their solutions are proven to show a significant ROI within minimal amounts of time. Using the ELLKAY bridge, SOAPware customers will be able to transmit information regarding demographics, charges, and appointments seamlessly between the EHR and a variety of practice management systems. Both parties believe the ELLKAY interface will offer superior customer support, greater capabilities, and a more competitive value than similar options available in the past.


ELLKAY is a recognized nationwide leader, providing healthcare connectivity solutions and services for more than a decade. We are known to empower diagnostic laboratories, EMR/PMS companies, ACO and HIE companies, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations with cutting-edge technologies and solutions that improve their bottom line. Dedicated to providing connectivity to the healthcare industry, we understand that every business is different, and work with our clients to provide innovative, customizable solutions and unparalleled service. To learn more about ELLKAY please visit http://www.ellkay.com.

About SOAPware

Founded by physicians, SOAPware, Inc. has adhered to a simple philosophy of delivering affordable technology to healthcare clinicians for over two decades. We are committed to the mission of improving healthcare and the quality of life by empowering medical professionals and patients with innovative technology and services. To learn more about SOAPware, visit http://www.SOAPware.com.