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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Munich, Germany - ADVA Optical Networking announced today that Telefonica has successfully trialed a new automated multi-layer network in northern Germany. Built upon the ADVA FSP 3000 and Juniper Networks® MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers, the new network uses ROADM technology, RAYcontrol GMPLS control plane software and multi-layer configuration mechanisms developed in the IST project ONE, funded by the European Union. During the course of the trial, Telefonica I+D, ADVA Optical Networking and Juniper Networks collaborated with European universities to enable multi-layer restoration and automated DWDM service provisioning between IP/MPLS routers. The trial enabled Telefonica to verify the significant potential for reduced operational and capital expenditures while driving new levels of speed and efficiency.

“This trial really showcases the potential of new multi-layer networks,” said Juan Fernandez-Palacios, Head of Core Network Evolution at Telefonica I+D – Global CTO Unit. “The level of simplicity and automation that we were able to achieve was incredible. We now have the opportunity to activate new services in seconds; previously this could take hours. What's more, we're also able to verify the drastic reduction in OPEX and CAPEX that such a streamlined multi-layer setup will deliver in our network. This trial provides a clear understanding of what tomorrow's networks will look like.”

According to Telefonica I+D analysis, multi-layer restoration led to over 37% reductions in capital expenditures in IP/DWDM networks. In addition, mean time to repair can be extended by a factor of 20 while keeping 99.999% availability, which translates to significant reductions in operating costs. However, the biggest impact was seen in the provisioning of new services. Telefonica discovered that new services could be activated in less than 50 seconds. Previously this could take hours and was both costly and time intensive.

“The network is undergoing a huge transformation,” commented Christoph Glingener, CTO at ADVA Optical Networking. “This trial perfectly underlines the opportunities available to service providers to balance customer demand for bandwidth while at the same driving increased profitability and new business opportunities. Network automation is critical to this process and Telefonica has shown just how simple and effective unified multi-layer operations can be.”

“We've built something special with ADVA Optical Networking and Telefonica,” said Luc Ceuppens, vice president product marketing, Platform and Systems Division at Juniper Networks. “It's not just architecting a new network, it's creating a new understanding of what tomorrow's network can be, –all with lower OPEX, lower CAPEX, and faster service provisioning. The network of the future has to do more than we've ever imagined and this trial showcases just how simple it can be.”