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Volume 31, Issue 1

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TAMPA, Fla. -- Many organizations big and
small have problems with reducing waste and inefficiencies. This is
especially true in healthcare where delivering quality patient care is a
constant balancing act with controlling costs. Published in the new
Spring catalog from Villanova University – ranked the #1 Regional
University in the North for 20 consecutive years by /U.S. News & World
Report/ – the exclusive article, "Why the Healthcare Industry Needs Six
Sigma" outlines the many successful outcomes that are possible with Six
Sigma implementation in a healthcare setting. Topics covered include:

  * Correcting healthcare errors and inefficiencies from misfiling
    paperwork to drug delivery mistakes
  * Six Sigma tools that apply to different situations, including the
    DMAIC <http://www.villanovau.com/six-sigma-methodology-dmaic/>
    approach and DMADV methodology
  * Six Sigma success in healthcare, including the case study of a
    healthcare provider that saved more than $3 million within the first
    five years of Six Sigma implementation

Widely recognized as a leader in Six Sigma training online, Villanova's
new Spring catalog also features a variety of Six Sigma course offerings
that can help prepare professionals for Six Sigma certification,
including Black Belt certification.

*Certificate Programs Prepare You to Improve Processes in Your Organization:

*_Master Certificate in Six Sigma – Healthcare_:

  * Learn to solve the unique problems found in healthcare – from small,
    rural clinics to large metropolitan hospital systems – using proven
    Six Sigma techniques.

_Master Certificate in Six Sigma – Information Technology_:

  * Discover how Six Sigma has evolved from manufacturing use to one
    that can be applied across an entire organization, including
    software and systems development.

_Master Certificate in Six Sigma – Financial Services_:

  * Understand how to enhance risk management and overall efficiencies
    (for financial professionals).

_Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma_:

  * Expand your influence and organizational impact by earning both an
    Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma and Lean Master Black
    Belt certification.

*_New_*_Master Certificate in Lean Enterprise Solutions_:

  * Learn to use the core concepts of Six Sigma and Lean methodologies
    to make better business decisions. Students will have the option to
    specialize in either healthcare, financial services or Information

"Six Sigma is a proven methodology that eliminates waste and reduces
defects, resulting in more efficient processes, better patient care and
a stronger bottom line," explained Daniel S. Munson, CQE, CSSBB, Senior
Director of Six Sigma Programs, Master Black Belt and a member of
Villanova's online Six Sigma faculty. "Healthcare organizations
<http://www.villanovau.com/lean-six-sigma-healthcare/> of all sizes are
using Six Sigma practices to improve every aspect of their operation."

Powered through University Alliance technology, Villanova's Six Sigma
programs provide students with 24/7 access to instructor-led courses
with a 100% online classroom that includes streaming video lectures,
live chat rooms, two-way voice over IP, instant messaging and virtual

To read the entire Six Sigma in healthcare article, and to learn more
about Villanova's e-learning programs in Six Sigma and other in-demand
fields, download the catalog at www.VillanovaU.com/SScatalog
<http://www.villanovau.com/SScatalog>, or call toll-free 855-300-1473 to
speak to an enrollment representative.