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The purpose of the (BCMM®) is to provide a meaningful tool to objectively and consistently measure the organization's disaster-readiness or state-of-preparedness.

The Business Continuity Maturity Model ® (BCMM®) was developed in 2004 with the support of Virtual Corporation and in collaboration with professionals, representing Public Sector and Private Industry BC Practitioners, BC Industry Trade and Education Leaders, BC Professional Services Providers, and Virtual Corporation Staff.

It has recently been updated to align with global BCM standards - ISO 22301, BS 25999, NFPA 1600:2010, and ASIS SPC.1.  The BCMM Assessor's Training is also in the process of becoming accredited by ANSI as a certificate course to audit small businesses for PS Prep and also as a self-assessment tool to prepare for an external third party audit.  Outside of the USA, the BCMM® can now be used to audit your program against ISO 22301, BS 25999,  ASIS SPC.1, or NFPA 1600.         

The Model meets the following goals:
1.  Provides a diagnostic tool for objective evaluation of business continuity program effectiveness.
2.  Generates consistent data from which meaningful benchmark analyses can be drawn.
3.  Answers the following key questions for senior management:

a.  Where are we now? What level of BC program maturity do we currently possess?             
b.  What do we want to be? What level of BC program maturity is our ultimate goal?
c.  What path do we follow to get there? How should we progress most effectively to the      next level?
Become a BCMM® assessor and add the ability to review and audit business continuity programs to your consulting practice or increase your intrinsic value as an internal business continuity professional or internal auditor.

Participants who have successfully completed the 2-day training program are trained in the methodology of performing both review and audit level assessments using the Business Continuity Maturity Model® and may also be allowed to conduct PS Prep Audits for PS Prep first party self-declaration for small businesses (once DHS determines this criteria) as well as be prepared to conduct a self-assessment in preparation for a third party external audit.    

In addition to providing the benchmarking data, two different assessments can be completed:

Review Assessment based on more informal data collecting and an Audit Assessment based on a detailed review and analysis of supporting documentation. The Audit Assessment is aligned to ISO 22301,  BS 25999, ASIS SPC-1, and NFPA 1600 standards.

The Assessment process provides valuable information on how to improve your program by generating the data necessary to create a multi-year improvement plan along with the budget required to do so.   

The BCMM® has both a open access version accessible by anyone and a proprietary version accessible to trained assessors only.  The open access model is a downloadable pdf that can be found at http://www.virtual-corp.net/.  

The proprietary version, accessible only by trained assessors, includes access to the Model, the Assessment Master Questionnaire, the Assessment Software, the BCMM Calculator and Assessment, and the Proofs Acquisition and Analysis Checklist - including cross mapping tools for the standards, the standards to the Model, and the standards themselves.  

About the Business Continuity Maturity Model ® (BCMM)  
The BCMM® is an assessment tool which provides a standard approach to measure an organization's Business Continuity Program's maturity and to provide direction for creating and maintaining a BC program as a sustainable process.    

The BCMM® also collects meaningful benchmark data that can be used to compare how your organization matches up with similar organizations.

Why conduct a BCMM ® Assessment?

Conduct internal audits  
Prepare for a third party external audit  
Evaluate business and supply chain partners
Assist corporate governance
Align with regulatory requirements
Obtain executive buy-in
Support program design
Prepare for PS Prep certification in the US or BS 25999 certification in Europe and Asia

*A certificate valid for one year will be mailed to participants after successful completion of the course which includes passing the Assessor's Final Examination.  This certificate can be renewed for a $100 annual fee and allows assessors access to the online BCMM assessment & audit too.

The BCMM® was developed by Virtual Corporation. Virtual Corporation is a global leader in business continuity program consulting and software. Virtual has helped numerous enterprises ensure that they can recover from business disruptions by designing and implementing innovative sustainable solutions.

Virtual project engineered the creation of the Business Continuity Maturity Model® (BCMM®) and published it in 2004. There are currently assessors in 10 countries. Virtual offers the BCMM® open access model, available in both English and Spanish, on their website.  www.virtual-corp.net  

For a complete course description download the brochure.

*Interested in an in-house training?  Call to find out how to bring this course to your location. Call now and set up your own training!

For questions about the course, please contact Lynnda Nelson at 866.765.8321 or +1630.705.0910 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..