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Volume 31, Issue 1

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UK-based business continuity and communication solution specialist Vocal has announced a new strategic alliance with leading crisis management firm CQ Australia, which sees the introduction of its award-winning iModus crisis communications solution to the Australian market.
The move will ensure that Australasian customers can tackle natural disasters, emergencies, business incidents, such as IT outages or local authority situations with greater speed and efficiency using the acclaimed iModus package.

Vocal's iModus portfolio of crisis and emergency notification, enterprise wide on demand messaging and incident management tools is used by governments and corporations across the globe and was employed with great effect to coordinate emergency teams after major business affecting incidents such as Hurricane Sandy, the 7/7 terrorist bombings in London and more recently during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

'We are excited to announce this new strategic partnership. CQ Australia will now be the sole provider of iModus within Australasia, bringing this industry-leading technology to the region underpinned by dedicated support and CQ Australia's in-depth industry knowledge,' said Trevor Wheatley-Perry, Vocal's Managing Director.

'CQ Australia was the natural choice for Vocal as a local partner, as their experience and dynamic approach to risk and resilience challenges mirrors our own expertise with iModus. The venture will increase our international presence and enhance our business potential'.

Daniel Shields, Director of CQ Australia, sees iModus as a key part of CQ's strategy to provide corporate Australia with the most sophisticated and comprehensive range of crisis management products and services.

'At CQ, our goal is to enhance the way organisations manage crisis events. With iModus, we can now provide a viable and proven alternative to existing crisis communication products, but one that offers enhanced functionality at better value,' he says.

In the search for a new crisis communications platform for the Australian market, Mr Shields says CQ looked at and trialled numerous products from the US, Europe and the UK but 'iModus was the clear leader in crisis communications technology, and an excellent fit for the Australian market'.

'From a crisis management perspective, iModus has everything; it uses front-line technology, dedicated local infrastructure, mobile applications and provides opportunities to significantly improve how organisations develop, control and activate their crisis management and business continuity strategies'.

For more information on iModus visit www.vocal.co.uk