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bcp_spotlight_video.jpg About BC Management

There are many factors distinguishing BC Management from other recruiting firms. Clearly the first and most significant is the fact that BC Management specializes in continuity-related careers. This unique focus benefits both the employers whose positions we fill and the candidates whose careers we help develop and elevate. We know BCP, but we also know recruiting. And by combing the two we have developed proprietary processes and tools to aid recruiting and evaluate talent.




Program Management Benchmarking

Continuity Program Benchmarking   BC Management has the data to answer your BCM program management research inquiries from one specific question to a complete customized report and data within a custom built dashboard.  Reports may be personalized in selecting from any combination of the following demographics to ensure a comparison to similar study respondents: 

  • Industry
  • Company Revenue
  • Number of Employees  
  • Number of Locations
  • Geographic Distribution
  • Disciplines within Program
  • Scope of Program
  • Maturity Rating of Program
  • Names of Organization

*All respondent contact (organization and personal) information is kept confidential and is never revealed or sold.

Available Customized Program Reports

We offer a wide-array of reports available to fit any budget.

Specific Data Inquiries (a la carte)
  – Customize your own report!  Review a complete sample customized report and choose the BCM program awareness trends that will most impact your program and organization.  Data figures are priced at $250/ data figure

Best in Class  – Finally, a report highlighting the most mature programs customized to your industry.  Our Best in Class report focuses on the current state of the program, budgeting, personnel, program visibility, assessment, exercising and auditing of the program for the most mature programs in your industry.  Priced at $3,000. View Sample Report



Complete Report – An in-depth, customized report that focuses on the programs of similar organizations as it pertains to program maturity, budgeting, personnel, sponsorship, vendor utilization, regulations, organizational certification, program activation and much more. Pricing is based on organizational revenues. See table below. View Sample Report

Complete Report and Data in Dashboard – BC Management’s most complete benchmarking option available. Clients receive the complete customized report and the specified data set within a custom built business intelligence dashboard. The dashboard allows for additional data analysis within a dynamic, user friendly interface. Schedule a demo today to learn more about our custom built BCM research data dashboard. Pricing is based on organizational revenues. See table below.

Pricing Schedule for Complete Customized Reports and Data in Dashboard



"BC Management's Benchmarking studies were extremely helpful in comparing our BCM program to our competitors or other "like" companies. We really appreciated all the help and wisdom and we were extremely grateful for their expertise. As a result, we were able to double our staff."
Director, BCP - Healthcare Organization


All BC Management customized reports should be treated as confidential.   As such, the information within our reports should not be shared outside the organization that requested and purchased the research data.  Our reports should not being distributed as a complimentary reports among the profession.  Please contact BC Management if you would like to share or site any of the information within the reports.

Benchmarking. Plan Ahead. Be Ahead.