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Formed in 2002, COOP Systems is a leading provider of Business Continuity Management software for the global enterprise, covering all Operational Risk Mitigation needs. Winner of Software of the Year Award, COOP Systems empowers some of the world's largest organizations by unifying all the Professional Practices, including BIA/Risk, Planning, Incident Command and Notification processes, in one instance that covers the enterprise.

Mission Statement

To supply Business Continuity Management software that covers all Operational Risk Mitigation needs, that can be quickly and easily implemented by organizations to support enterprise recovery programs, allowing them to get back into business as quickly as possible while protecting the assets and people of the organization.



BIA/Risk Analysis

BIA/Risk Analysis in myCOOP is integrated completely in the same unified instance of myCOOP software. With the need to conduct this work simultaneously at all points of a distributed enterprise, this capability allows for the simple creation, distribution, collection and analysis of multiple concurrent surveys throughout the organization for risk and business impact analysis considerations.

Some standard surveys are supplied to users, e.g., an exhaustive BS25999-standard twenty-five part risk assessment. 

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Plan Design & Development

This phase is fast and powerful. Content from legacy planning tools is imported into myCOOP with special tools. Existing content in Microsoft-formatted structured and unstructured sources is quickly re-used with simple imports. Templates of private and public sector documents and tables are supplied to fill gaps in clients' continuity planning process. All content types are supported, e.g., documents and files, contact lists, and database tables.

A complete set of standard BC and DR templates and processes are available for immediate use by public and private sector clients.  Pandemic is included.  The result allows organizations to have planners easily and immediately review, document and update plans and procedures.

At the plan and site levels, standard design and control features are easily modified by the Administrator from a simple browser.

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Training and Awareness

To support this phase, a calendar view can be used to manage student and teacher schedules. For Awareness, there are unlimited free concurrent Guest accounts allowed on myCOOP. Any plan participant who needs to review content on the system can be allowed by the Administrator with no license charges.

All activity on the system is monitored by real-time usage reports by several parameters, including user access by time period, allowing the Administrator to track Awareness & Training compliance.

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Exercises and Tests

All activity on the system is monitored by real-time usage reports by several parameters, including user access by time period, allowing the Administrator to track Awareness & Training compliance. GANTT chart views are available.

Exercises help provide emergency simulations promoting preparedness, improve response capability of individuals and organizations, validate plans, policies, procedures and systems, and determine the effectiveness of command, control, communication functions and event-scene activities.

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Updating & Maintenance

Best practices indicate organizations should have a policy of periodic review and (as needed) update of plan elements. This work is often the responsibility of over-worked Contributors in multiple locations. myCOOP allows simplified creation and re-use of routine and one-off maintenance tasks, rolled-up for central viewing by the Administrator.

Assignees are alerted to assignments and report on their progress. Access by Contributors is always by URL to their responsibility areas, easily bookmarked for repetitive access.

GANTT charts and graphics are available for graphical views of progress against plan and compliance.

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Incident Command

The myCOOP™ Recovery Dashboard manages exercises or actual events, avoiding the problems with executing printed plans. Currency, inflexibility and access are no longer problems. Instead, myCOOP™ allows pre-determined views and response actions to be managed in real time from anywhere on the Web or via PDA.

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Emergency Notification

COOP Systems integrates with numerous vendors that manage emergency notification. Our complete set of .NET SOAP Web Services and other powerful integration tools facilitates that capability.

Depending on the notification vendor's capabilities, their solutions can be managed from the COOP Systems Recovery Dashboard . For example, with MIR3, a customer can manage many key functions without ever leaving myCOOP™. Those capabilities include creating, retrieving, sending and managing broadcast emergency notifications across a full spectrum of methods, including SMS, voice, text-to-voice, pager, and fax.

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COOP Systems uses the most advanced Microsoft technology to deliver a robust, scalable, powerful platform for myCOOP. COOP Systems teams with Verizon Business to deliver 99.99% guaranteed up-time for hosted clients at Tier-4, SAS-70, Type II data centers in Atlanta and Toronto. Rapid recovery from any scenario, including regional failures, with the two facilities backing up one another.

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