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eBRP Solutions, Inc. is the thought leader in BCM tools. Our Process Modeling engine, introduced in 2003, integrating Risk, Impact, asset criticality and interdependencies at the Process level, has since become the industry norm. Our award-winning Toolkit Suite of products is recognized as an innovative, cutting-edge approach to intelligent Incident Ready Planning. We have continued to develop innovative products, using leading-edge technology to help organizations gather the intelligence required for effective dynamic Incident Management decision support. All of our products are web-based and licensed for unlimited users, putting those tools in the hands of everyone in the organization with the need and the knowledge to benefit from their use. BCM is not just about Plans. Sustainable BCM requires a multi-layered understanding of the complex and ever-changing interdependencies that power today’s organizations. eBRP Solutions delivers products that enable organizations to identify those interdependencies, and use that intelligence to create a viable, sustainable an Incident Ready BCM program.

Company Activity

  • January 31, 2009: eBRP proudly announces the grand opening of it's state of the art Training Academy. It will provide organizations the opportunities to supplement their normal training with dedicated, off-site immersion in Toolkit Suite education.

News and Articles

Case-Studies and Whitepapers

  • Whitepapers: BCM Solutions of Today's World
    The world economy is in turmoil. Big companies are scrambling for bailout money, while others lay off employees or file for bankruptcy...What does all that mean for the Business Continuity industry? There is no crystal ball. But what we should all be aware of – and what all of us in the industry must not forget – is that our employers cannot afford to go backward... Read More
  • Whitepapers: BCM Preparedness - How Mature is your organization
    “Success” in Business Continuity Management (BCM), as in life, can be measured in many different ways. How you define success will determine whether or not you – and your organization’s BCM program – are truly ready of the unexpected. Read More
  • Whitepapers: Planning to Return to Business As Usual
    Whether you already have Plans or are just beginning to create them, your ultimate Planning objectives should be firmly understood. Every organization must choose its own objectives, but if the goal of your organization’s BCM program is assuring the ability to survive any disruption. Read More
  • Whitepapers: Are you Incident Ready?
    When the ‘moment of truth’ arrives, will everyone know what to do? Will decision makers have the information they need to make decisions? Will you be able to coordinate the needs and demands of Recovery Teams and business management? Or will you be forced to ‘wing it’? Read More
  • Whitepapers: Are you getting value from your BIA?
    If a BIA is a fundamental part of BCM, the underlying cost may simply be a necessary evil. But, when a BIA is a one-time ‘project’ – as in many organizations – is the cost realistically proportional to its value? Read More
  • Pandemic Planning - A Template
    There’s more to Pandemic Planning than how you’ll handle a severely diminished workforce. eBRP’s Pandemic Planning Template was developed with the help of experts, and has been used by many organizations as the foundation of their Pandemic Planning program. Read More

Company Information


230-7895 Tranmere Drive
Mississauga, ON
L5S 1V9
Toll Free: 1-888-480-3277
+ 1-905-677-0404
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Official Website: www.eBRP.net

Products & Services

eBRP Toolkit, as its name implies, is an integrated collection of tools and utilities for Planners, supporting the complete BCP/DR lifecycle - from Risk Assessment, Impact Analysis, Plan Development, thru to Plan Maintenance and integrated Notification. Toolkit is available as either a self-hosted license or as a vendor hosted service. Click here to learn more.

Toolkit SaaS is a hosted edition of Toolkit, available as a pay-as-you-go service, with no long term contract. Toolkit SaaS incorporates all the features of self-hosted Toolkit including unlimited user access & free product upgrades. Click here to learn more.

CommandCentre harnesses the intelligence of Toolkit to provide the Decision Support, Collaboration, Optimization and Status Communication functionality needed to manage any disruption or incident. Serving as both an EOC tool and testing platform, CommandCentre can identify gaps in the planning process, help optimize workflow and enhance collaboration. Click here to learn more.

eBRP’s Professional Services group offers a full spectrum of BCM enhancement services - including Plan Migration, to help migrate all your existing Plans, Processes, Teams, Applications & other data from your legacy DRP software into award-winning Toolkit. Click here to learn more.

In The Industry

eBRP to Sponsor DRJ's Spring World 2009 March 29 - 31 in Orlando, FL