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Welcome To DRJ's Industry Spotlight

Welcome to DRJ’s Industry Spotlight. This innovative section allows you unprecedented access to the best resources in the industry, our service providers. These organizations have provided an expansive array of articles, webinars, white papers and more for the benefit of business continuity professionals.

Browse the pages to learn more about each organization and find information that fits your business continuity needs. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned planner, you will find a wealth of resources at your fingertips.

The Industry Spotlight is your one source for gathering information on our industry service providers. Navigating through the pages is easy, allowing you more time to find the right solutions for your needs. Visit often to take advantage of the excellent resources available.

How It Works

Our Industry Spotlight shines on select companies who have a wide array of resources for business continuity planners. Each organization has a dedicated page, which is continually updated to make sure topics are timely and resources are current.

As you browse each page, a variety of information will be available. The organization has provided a brief description of their services and products, allowing you to become familiar with any potential offerings your business may need.

Each page displays a variety of resources for continuity planners. Viewers can choose from articles, webinars, white pages, news briefs and much more. The variety ensures that you will find the information that fits your needs.

The Industry Spotlight is your one source for an inside look at our industry leaders. Put these resources to work for you!

Company Index

You will find a variety of service providers in our Industry Spotlight. The list is included here for your convenience. Browse the pages and discover what resources are offered by our industry’s top experts.