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LBL Technology Partners is a Division of Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Company, LLP. The Firm was founded in 1941 and has grown steadily over the years. We have several divisions including accounting and auditing, tax, pension administration, and technology consulting services.

Our firm is a charter member and founder of The Leading Edge Alliance, an organization created to help large independent accounting and consulting practices leverage the strength of a multinational firm while maintaining their local expertise. The Leading Edge Alliance has 60 offices across the country and also has offices overseas. Through the Leading Edge Alliance, the members have adopted procedures for the mutual exchange of professional advice and technical assistance, as well as for talents and services of specialists skilled in every service performed by the profession.

We use both a responsive and proactive approach in servicing our clients. We actively seek opportunities to improve their operations and strengthen the management capabilities of their organization. Our track record indicates that our clients benefit in both better understanding and managing their business and operations.


Company Activity

  • October 24, 2008: LBL Technology Partners Joins DRJ's Industry Spotlight

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Company Information

Founded: 1941

Employees: 150+

Official Website: http://www.DRplan.com/

HQ: Minneapolis, MN 55305

Products & Services

LBL Technology Partners provides a state-of-the art, web based BCP software and conducts comprehensive business continuity planning consulting services. We have developed hundreds of continuity plans for organizations in all facets of public and private industry. LBL has developed a proven methodology that has been successfully used by organizations during their recovery after a disaster event. We use a flexible methodology that provides a framework for responding to a broad range of contingency events that may disrupt normal operations of an organization. Our planning process results in a comprehensive plan to minimize disruptions, protect personnel and assets, and ensure the continuation of mission critical business services and operations.

LBL also performs IT Auditing (including SAS 70 Audits) and IT Assessment & Planning engagements. Our consultants have written books on Business Continuity Planning, IT Security and Controls, and IT Management and Planning.

ContingencyPro, the comprehensive software system developed by LBL Technology Partners automates the entire plan development process and provides an effective method for maintaining the plan. ContingencyPro is fully web based, featuring state-of-the-art processes.

Because it automates the entire planning process, the software saves considerable time and effort. ContingencyPro is a knowledge-based system developed by certified business continuity planning experts. It contains hundreds of electronic tools, guides, templates and samples that are fully integrated with MS Office Suite.

The software publishes the completed plan to the Internet, allowing easy access from any PC with Internet connectivity. Full security and controls are included.

ContingencyPro avoids replication of data in the plan. It is adaptable to any industry and all levels of technology. In addition, it accommodates all recovery strategies. A unique “Ask the Experts” feature allows users to submit questions directly to LBL Technology Partners.

Because the software is scalable, it can accommodate an unlimited number of plans. Flexibility is a key to the software’s design. Users can create their own tools, guides and templates. It can also link to the existing data in the organization.

A variety of project management tools can be found in the software, including BCP objectives, a budgeting template, project scheduling tool, status reporting, disaster statistics, preparedness evaluation worksheet and more.

In addition, risk assessment tools such as questionnaires, insurance analysis worksheets, inventory forms and others, are included. The business impact analysis tools include methods for prioritizing processing and operations, forms for documenting critical systems, worksheets, techniques for determining dependencies, daily loss templates and other comprehensive worksheets.

Other features include recovery strategies tools, plan development tools, and plan testing tools.

ContingencyPro contains hundreds of sample recovery procedures for a multitude of settings, situations and teams. You will also find emergency and evacuation procedures for a variety of disasters and incidents.

ContingencyPro is available in a web-based version and a client server version. An online demonstration can be viewed at: www.DRplan.com/ContingencyPro



Partner & Managing Director

Partner & Managing Director



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