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Volume 31, Issue 1

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    A Practical Guide to Cost–Effective DR Planning

    Disaster recovery is business-critical for any organization. However, with the two traditional approaches to disaster recovery—workload mirroring and removable-media backups—you must choose between spending 80% of your disaster recovery budgets on only 20% of your server workloads or inexpensive removable media backups with much poorer performance. With NetIQ, you have another choice.

    This white paper shows the importance of:

    • Measuring the value of disaster recovery solutions
    • Assessing your risk through regular testing
    • Changing the game through virtualization

    Virtualization technology can solve the cost vs. time dilemma that traditional data recovery solutions pose, enabling organizations to quickly and cost-effectively recover all server workloads. To learn more, download your copy of this informative NetIQ paper today.

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    Service Outages: Is Your Monitoring Strategy Working?

    This free NetIQ flash point paper discusses system and application management and the struggle against service outages.

    Download this paper to learn:

    • Questions you should ask yourself about IT service outages
    • How a services-level approach can reduce the potential of impacting events
    • The three steps of implementing a service-level solution
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    Five Things You Need to Know Today about DR Planning

    In your business environment, providing affordable protection for both your physical and virtual servers is critical.

    This free NetIQ Disaster Recovery eBook outlines 5 important topics you need to understand to protect today’s data centers:

    • Multi-Platform Data Center – How to handle more flavors and more confusion.
    • Virtualization and Cloud Computing – How they change everything and how to use them.
    • ROI – Yes, there are measurable cost savings… plus a Hidden Secret of Disaster Recovery Planning.

    Many of these require new ways of thinking. This free NetIQ guide can help you tackle the new realities of disaster recovery planning, with new approaches to protection that can make your life easier. Download your copy of the guide and learn more.

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    Cost-Effective DR Options For Mission-Critical Applications

    Over the past several years, we’ve seen business requirements rapidly evolve and technologies continue to advance, yet the way many companies approach disaster recovery hasn’t changed. While tolerance for downtime is at an all-time low, and new technologies have emerged that can help fill gaps in continuity plans—many organizations have been slow to adopt them.

    This Forrester Technology Adoption Profile (TAP) shows how:

    • Growth in mission-critical applications is driving disaster recovery initiatives.
    • Enhanced disaster recovery capabilities shorten recovery objectives.
    • The future of disaster recovery rests with advanced continuity tools.

    To learn more, download your copy of this informative Forrester TAP today.

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