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Volume 31, Issue 2

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    Solve your workload problems once and for all with future-proof Virtualization and Workload Management solutions.

    Virtualization and Workload Management from Novell offers a simplified disaster recovery and business continuity solution. It bridges the gap between performance-based disaster recovery through infrastructure duplication, and affordable disaster recovery through data back-up. This gives you an innovative way to protect all business-critical servers.

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    Consolidated Recovery
    Any good disaster recovery plan needs to provide for fast and thorough restoration of workloads in case of unexpected interruptions in service. Our consolidated recovery solution uses virtualization to cost-effectively recover and restore business-critical servers in the event of downtime. We enable you to replicate whole server workloads—data, applications and operating systems—as a unified stack and into a warm standby. We do this by virtualizing recovery environments, allowing users to restore essential server workloads in just minutes.

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    Flexible Image Restore
    Ideally, your disaster recovery software should provide you with the ability to quickly move restored workloads wherever you want to place them. Our flexible image restore solution provides options for recovering and restoring failed workloads to any available server—virtual or physical. PlateSpin® Protect offers flexible images to capture whole server workloads—data, applications and operating systems—and store them in a local or remote image library..

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    The Changing Face of Disaster Recovery

    As a busy data center manager, chances are disaster recovery planning is a looming project you’re trying to manage...all while you’re being asked to do more with fewer resources. Unpredictable weather, natural disasters or man-made accidents create potential disasters that are just waiting to strike. You just can’t afford to be caught off guard and without a plan. Join us for this free webcast series where we will discuss important and unique ways to help you manage an effective disaster recovery planning process.

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    5 Things You Need to Know about Disaster Recovery Planning

    When is the last time you looked at your disaster recovery (DR) plan? This free DR eBook outlines five key characteristics of today's data centers—characteristics that require a whole new way of thinking about DR planning. This short, easy-to-digest guide is packed with unique planning approaches to make your data center less vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters. Side effects may include reduced stress levels.

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    “Why bother with convoluted, multi-step recovery processes when you can streamline all your administrative tasks virtually?”