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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:39

Firms Pay More Attention To Data Protection

Written by  Rick St. Cyr

Today, enlightened U.S. companies are paying more attention to protecting their data from possible disasters like flood, fire, earthquake, storm, and terrorism. The effort goes by various names: disaster recovery, business continuity planning, business recovery, data center recovery, and contingency planning. But all refer to safeguarding and rescuing data, and keeping stricken firms afloat. “Savvy companies realize that data IS the business, and that they need a way to recover it in case of a disaster,” said disaster recovery consultant Bill McCoy. “Y2K got people’s attention,” said business continuity planning consultant Mary Carrido. “It raised the consciousness of business executives about their vulnerability to a data center going down. Smart business executives today understand that disaster recovery is no longer an option.” Businesses are increasingly vulnerable to data center disasters. Today, firms of all sizes depend on computers as a crucial part of their business. Key business functions rely on information technology and companies