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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:37

Getting Started in Healthcare Disaster Recovery. Now for Something Completely Different!

Written by  Kathy Lee Patterson, ABCP

As a Business Continuity Planner (“BCP”) or Disaster Recovery (“DR”) expert, have you had the opportunity to perform a Business Impact Analysis (“BIA”) for a healthcare provider? Well it doesn’t take long to realize business is conducted in a far different manner. Hospitals have a culture all of their own. One obvious difference is that the healthcare provider is driven by the goal of preserving human life, with all other business and infrastructure needs a far second. Shortly after beginning, you will notice the information services (IS) departments of many hospitals are usually ancillary groups, treated quite differently than clinical departments. Budgets can be far lower than needed to adequately support IS initiatives, leaving many systems on the verge of obsolescence. Additionally, clinical departments often operate autonomously, purchasing proprietary systems from vendors without IS knowledge or input, and subsequently expect IS to maintain the equipment after the vendor departs. Only within