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Volume 30, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011 19:11

BIA For Projects

Written by  JOHN GLENN, MBCI

Someone on one of the lists I watch noted that business continuity practitioners typically work “after the fact.” That is, they become involved in a project after it’s completed. Unfortunately, that’s true. “Better late than never” may apply, but too often, the “after-the-fact” involvement proves costly. For the purposes of the following, and because it always is standard operating procedure for this practitioner, BIA includes risk identification and avoidance/mitigation options. Some Cases in Point A Fortune 100 firm once moved its operations from one location to another. The distance between the two sites was a matter of a few miles. It had a new structure built to house the operation. To show off the true profit center – in this case, the data center – it put the data center on the ground level behind huge plate glass windows in