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Volume 30, Issue 3

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Thursday, 13 October 2011 19:18

Seven Steps to Identifying Private and Public Interdependencies

Written by  JOHN JACKSON

Public and private interdependencies have always been an important focus of PPBI! This column hopefully gives you an idea you can put into practice. So first, let’s define what we mean by interdependencies. Interdependencies are relationships that encompass primarily outside entities, both public agencies and private companies, which can affect your ability to recover from an outage and conduct business. Simply stated, interdependencies require that companies not only focus on their own individual recovery plans, but they must also consider external influences that can significantly impact their ability to recover in a timely manner, or possibly recover at all! To address the issue of understanding interdependencies, we have developed a seven-step approach that will help you create an awareness of the interdependencies that affect your organization’s business continuity planning and its ability to recover in a timely manner. It