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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Sunday, 18 November 2007 12:59

Disaster Recovery or Disaster Tolerance: The Choice is Yours

Written by  Robert M. Glorioso & Robert E. Desautels

Disaster Recovery and Disaster Tolerance are a necessity, rather than an option, for an increasing number of businesses. The globalization of business is driving the requirement for increased levels of availability of IT resources. We have witnessed a dramatic increase in business awareness of the importance of avoiding information system failures. Based on research, the authors believe that we are seeing the beginning of the Web enablement of institutions / organizations that have traditionally been paper and snail mail (regular mail) based organizations. Web enablement is, even as you read this article, accelerating the rate of change in the ways that organizations work, propelling them into this new on-line interactive information based reality which is full of challenges and opportunities. In the future, businesses, their customers, suppliers and competitors will depend on information access to such an extent that any service outage or problem with information availability will cause them to