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Volume 31, Issue 1

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Sunday, 18 November 2007 13:21

January 1, 2000: Hello? Hello?

Written by  Patricia Fisher

January 1, 2000–as the countdown rapidly draws closer, businesses and governments are becoming increasingly nervous about what might happen as this millennium rolls over into that special year. Will computers stop working? Will power grids fail? Will networks that support worldwide businesses do strange things? Across the globe people dedicated to preparing for not only a century change but also a new millennium are working diligently to fix all the known glitches. Programmers are attempting to correct all computer code that relies solely on 2-digit dates in order for business process programs to continue to run even as the clock ticks its way into the new year. Initially, the Y2K struggle was geared to focusing energy on computer programs and system dates contained in old code—usually mainframe-based – in an effort to update and correct the manner these dates are represented within programs. Beyond the code correction struggle, follow-on energies are