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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Sunday, 18 November 2007 13:34

Minimizing the Cost of Computer/Network Downtime

Written by  Tom Poulter

Introduction Computers and networks have become an integral part of daily operations for business, education and government organizations alike. For those increasingly dependent on computers and networks for routine operations, downtime or data loss can be devastating, impacting earnings and even market valuation. This paper explores the costs and causes of downtime as well as ways to minimize such costs through downtime prevention, early problem detection and effective recovery capabilities. The Cost of Computer / Network Downtime The impact of downtime on an organization ranges from a minor inconvenience to an inability to perform necessary business tasks with resulting loss of productivity, revenue, and even customers and market share. One survey on downtime reported industry average numbers of $80,000 per hour, four hours average downtime and nine occurrences per year for a loss of nearly $3 million per organization per year. Another survey reported annual losses of $350 thousand to $11 million