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Sunday, 18 November 2007 13:26

Strategic Continuity Planning: part 1

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Where Do We Go from Here? We are presently in the midst of the greatest threat to business continuity since the ideas of disaster recovery were founded. I am not here to dwell on "the Y2K bug" as the popular media wants to call it, but to note that it is spotlighting the need for continuity planning now and in the future. We are seeing more companies wake from their "I’m safe" slumber to put disaster or continuity planners on new projects as well as the present states of business. The future looks brighter. So, what is the future of Continuity Planning? We have seen our profession change in many ways over the last twenty years. We have gone from disaster recovery to continuity planning to resumption planning to continuity planning. With disaster recovery we were involved in plans for the data center. We reported to the Data Processing Manager and were concerned