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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Sunday, 18 November 2007 13:16

The 1998 "Business Continuity and Year 2000 Effort Coordination" Survey

Written by  Michael Leyden

Virtual Corporation’s President, Scott Ream said recently that "addressing the Year 2000 software bug has given management of many companies an opportunity to see first hand the value of disciplined Business Continuity Planning. However, the BCP profession still faces the challenge to take advantage of this current awareness level, leverage the results of Y2K-related business impact analyses and gain enterprise commitment to an on-going business continuity program. The DRJ Conference survey tells a mixed story; a few companies have embraced this leveraging approach which will carry them into the next millennium. Others see Y2K only as an anomaly to be solved, with lessons learned, to be discarded after the Millennium passes."This survey (see page 36) seeks to measure the role performed by Business Continuity professionals in defining and implementing their company’s Year 2000 business protection program. Additional emphasis was placed on company readiness outside the Information Systems arena, "Beyond-I.S.", addressing