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Sunday, 18 November 2007 13:09

This Time It's Different: Conventional Business Continuity Techniques May Prove Ineffective in 2000

Written by  Martyn Emery, FBCI & Brett Regan Young, CBCP, CISSP

Will the Lights Go Out on 1/1/2000? Anyone following media coverage of the Year 2000 problem has seen the "Lights Go Out" headline enough times to wonder, "Will the Press Ever Tire of Recycling Stories?" The articles attached typically explain the threats, quote the experts and then offer a generally positive prognosis. The weary reader is left to wade through phrases such as, "two or three days", "some inconvenience" and "minor outages", searching for bits of solid data amid so much blather. Such facile summaries bespeak a fundamental ignorance of the complexity and magnitude of the millennial problem. Even the term "problem" implies a definable and solvable entity. The millennial challenge to continuity planners is to avoid easy answers to make realistic and comprehensive preparations for a broad series of difficulties occurring over several months.It is the concern of the authors that those who have the responsibility for business continuity planning