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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Sunday, 18 November 2007 13:01

What You Don't Know About Your Fixed Code Can Cause Y2K Disasters

Written by  Allen G. Burgess

One of the big problems with the Year 2000 bug is knowing what, and who, to believe. Disaster recovery managers must take a lead role in safeguarding against Y2K professionals who are tempted to be, shall we say, less than candid about Y2K code conversion work that’s been done. Done right, these safeguards will ferret out any remaining Y2K ticking time bombs lying in wait to explode next year. The key to getting at the truth about Y2K in your organization is independence. This means independence in two crucial ways. First, you need to ensure political independence from those who would rather not know, frankly, if their Y2K repair work overlooked any bugs. Second, you should adopt a tool that conducts a final code scan for year 2000 bugs with a search technique that is independent and different from search techniques used earlier in the Y2K compliance process. There’s a common scenario