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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Sunday, 18 November 2007 13:22

Y2K Recovery: Will the People Be Ready?

Written by  Don Saracco & Lisa Marshall

The focus of preparation for the arrival of the Millenium Bug has been on technology. It is, after all, a technology problem. COBOL programmers have been called out of retirement, hardware and software have been replaced or upgraded, suppliers have been pushed to guarantee their products and services, and panic has emerged at the thought of embedded chips in critical systems being overlooked. As the millennium "hot dates" approach, however, the realization has dawned that technological fixes will not be enough to handle the crisis. Once again, we must depend upon people to ensure that the fabric of our economy is not torn apart by the possibility of widespread failure of business and government organizations. For it is people that must perform the non-automated procedures that will keep an organization going in the event of system failure. These people will be performing under significant stress. Will they have the skills