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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Sunday, 18 November 2007 13:10

Year 2000: The Nature of the Beast

Written by  John Newton, Ph.D, P.Eng, and Rex Pattison, FBCI

Probably the biggest challenge facing those of us trying to develop contingency plans for the Millennium roll-over — and other critical dates — is understanding the nature of what we are facing. Everyone is familiar with the cause, but most of us are desperately trying to predict the effect.With a lack of hard evidence to define the actual threats, we fall back on what we are most comfortable with — statistics. We quote the number of hours spent in reviewing code, the number of programs covered, percentages remedied, tested etc. and dollars spent. A vast paperwork trail is being developed and carefully preserved so that we can demonstrate (in case of legal action) that we have expended much energy in being prepared. But we are still not sure what we are actually preparing for — minor outages or major failures!As we write this third article in the series, we are