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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 06 February 2019 23:36

Corporate Karma

Written by  ALEX FULLICK

Karma is the concept of an “action” or “deed” which fuels the entire cycle of cause and effect. As a leader, you and your corporation help communities. Acting and responding in an ethical and moral manner is building up a positive corporate Karma – either knowingly or unknowingly – because it is displaying a positive corporate culture; employees are empowered, and the surrounding community feels valued, rather than feeling as though they are being taken advantage of (e.g. resources, tax breaks etc.). It is depositing positive Karma into a bank account if you will. When a crisis comes along – regardless of its size and scope – the corporation makes a withdrawal from its account as credit toward its crisis or disaster. It uses the saved positive karma created by its previous actions, as a means to manage the situation. How do you do this? If your corporation has accumulated a