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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Sunday, 18 November 2007 12:46

Exercise: Who Needs It?

Written by  David Greb, CBCP & Rosemary Davis, CBCP

Is having a plan enough? NO!In late 1997, as Corporate Contingency Professionals (CCP) we were charged with exercising recovery plans of diverse business units covering multiple states for a regional corporation. Our experience to date underscored an important fact. Although everyone talks about the need for recovery plan exercise, little is available on how to prepare for and conduct exercises.Hearing industry buzzwords about exercises (plan review, tabletop, component, on-site, off-site, etc.) does not provide a roadmap. The question was where to start, how does one develop realistic scenarios and credible questions to exercise the plan document in a format of benefit to participants. It was a big challenge!The critical elements of required information included definition and benefits of exercise types; practical approaches with limited resources; determing how each type was utilized; what was needed to start.We quickly determined that a plan review was inadequate to address recovery requirements in event