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Volume 31, Issue 1

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Saturday, 17 November 2007 23:05

Leveraging Storage Capacity To Create an Electronic Vaulting Service

Written by  Bob Luedeman

Synergy often exists where it is least expected, a fact which Speer Communications recently realized. Launched in 1995 by Roy Speer, founder of the Home Shopping Network, as the first totally digital television broadcast facility, the company soon discovered that they were a step ahead of their industry. The world still is not quite ready for digital video and television, but it is ripe for an outsourcing service that provides remote backup, recovery, and archive services.With their tremendous data storage resources going unused (a 10 percent utilization rate) until the digital broadcast industry gets into full swing, Speer Communications saw the opportunity to leverage one of their core competencies, digital storage, into an entirely new industry. This resulted in the formation of a wholly-owned subsidiary called World Wide Digital (WWD), whose corporate mission is to outsource data vaulting services. The market for these new services includes companies that need to