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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Saturday, 17 November 2007 23:09

The Current World

Written by  David Hayes

Who hasn’t heard of extended power outages, flooding, hurricanes, tornado events; all part of the news? You have to be aware of the risk to business operations and systems. Right?Your mainframe group has a disaster recovery hotsite….your facility manager has an emergency facility plan and the facility has so many emergency diesel generators that they could supply the entire NASA operation during a space launch….or so you’ve been told. You’re set….no problems, no need to think about Business Continuity or Contingency Plans for the operations and systems of your area. Right?Well, maybe, maybe not.First, take a look at your desk, what do you see, a dumb terminal or a PC? Second, if you have a dumb terminal, you can pitch this article. Is that it?Wait! Don’t rush to the garbage can just yet.