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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Sunday, 18 November 2007 12:49

The Human Effect of the Year 2000 Crisis

Written by  Michael W. Braham

Industry leaders tend to talk about the Year 2000 crisis as a technical problem that affects businesses throughout the world, with very little attention paid to the human element. But while the problem starts out in the computerized, date-sensitive information systems of companies around the world, the effects will ripple through every community a business touches – its suppliers, its vendors, its customers, and even its employees.A big part of the problem is the "cascade effect," which means that even if your company has retrofitted all of its systems to be Year 2000-compliant, those you do business with – namely your suppliers and vendors and their suppliers and vendors – may not have. That cascading effect could interrupt your business, or in the worst case, effectively put you out of business."Take the manufacturing environment. Manufacturers are dependent on other companies for the supply of goods. Your suppliers may not have